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Construction Tuesday 9/5 January 1, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 They’re out in the back trimming my pecan. a big hoist and a chipper, a chain saw. they’ve taken half of it, anything projecting over the property line, big huge chunks of pecan and leaves falling all around my back yard. i decline to watch, knowing i can’t do anything about it and not wanting to feel the stress of every cut and fall. it’s heartsickening, however.

the days are cloudy for the last week or so, the grass and everything else is healthy, and it’s cooler at night. the days of the washcloth by the bed are over.

rain at about 3, lots of water, no thunder. they stopped working out back, but kept up out front. they had the intersection of ahr and cyde up all day, and made lots of noise. saw the trolley line going down the middle of the steet buried in lots of concrete, saw a deeper yellow piece of metal that had cable running thru it. the cat was trying to dig out under it and it was very painstaking. i sent husband and thing one over there with a dolly to get a couple of lengths of trolley track i can use for terracing in the back yard.



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