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Construction Tuesday 9/12 January 7, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

elevator shaft and i-beamsthe yellow things were a storage chest marked salvage and a bunch of yellow ladders, stored for the night. just out of reach. before they’d hooked it up i sat and watched the block and tackle part of the crane swaing like a pendulum in the breeze.

Knocking down forms, now the elevator shaft is coming up into sight. all the columns are poured. they’ve been using the crane to put the red iron i-beams in place, and welding them onto the columns on the bissey street end of the site. The floor of the structure is still dirt. how far up are they going to get before they pour the basement floor? where will the crane have to leave until the cement’s cured? and how long does it take to cure anyway? that’s been something i’ve had no luck finding out on the internet. it seems to cure overnight, but i worked on a construction site (in the general manager’s trailer, filing drawings and making blueprints), and think i heard that they had to wait 28 days for some cement to cure before they could put a bunch of weight on it. has the industry advanced that quickly?

It’s going to rain any minute, and should rain much of the night. it’s been cool nights and this morning it was just this side of cold. but nothing more is dying from the heat, and i’ll be confident of the plants when they arrive. got to dig a nursery bed for the winter. it’s started raining. soft, gentle soaking. yay.




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