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Construction Wednesday 9/13 January 8, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

massive puddlesIt rained all night, soaking, sometimes heavy, sometimes just a drizzle. but constant. and it’s still raining even tho it’s gone everywhere else in atlanta. right over us there’s a little lick of cloud and rain. it’s after noon and still drizzling. it’s cold, too. i’ve shut my windows most of the way. nobody’s been on the site, it’s not even unlocked.

the lake goes all over our back and into nextor’s yard, then starts up again in eanest at the southeast corner of the site, where guy’s property is. it also undoubtedly goes right back up into the basement of the guy on cyde street and the glass place on maine – both sides of the construction, up and downstream. wonder if the stream is visible. the rain’s stopping real soon now, and i’ll go out and get pictures.

it’s still raining too hard to go out there even with a shawl. the elevator shaft is flooded. the crane sits on a bed of gravel. the ladders were hung sloppily on the crane this second day, and the salvage container is hung above them by a bit. there’s water everywhere, but not much of a flow down the guy on cyde street’s driveway where the construction trailer is parked, and perhaps no erosion along the south wall by the broken pipe. can’t tell until i go out there.

i passed forman and his young sidekick the son of southern veterans going to lunch. nobody else showed up and the gate has been locked since quitting last night. he must have told them to maybe come back after lunch based on the forecast??? or just sent them home and nobody got paid for the day’s labor.




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