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Construction Wednesday 9/20 February 20, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

the result of piping the stream onto the ground

they’re digging the trench now. have the top in as a standing round pipe, and nothing else. much broader dig than the street. there’s a hose coming out, they’re piping the stream thru a hose and down the silt fence line. it’s piling up around our low spot in the back yard.

first cool day, deep blue sky, did some gardening. got first plants by mail order. several bushes (viburnam, mockorage, an elderberry), a bunch of garden plants and groundcovers (geranium, valerian, clematis), which i planted up in the front yard, and the rest going in the sun behind the house (oops i misplanted got to move the valerian out to the back and put penstemon in the upstairs garde, verbena and mockorange aren’t here until spring. i might put the verbena amid the roses (that i have to move). the bushes have to go into a nursery bed because they’re still fucking around with the back yard and i don’ have the gravel off the ground yet. spring. spring to get ready, that’ll mean going out ad working in winter. which won’t be so bad, it’ll hit 60, but not in the shade, but i’ll be doing physical labor. and a lot of it. if i sold a story, i’d invested all the money in plants.




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