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Construction Friday 9/22 March 7, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 digging more of the trench. they’ve spread gravel over the parking deck on the north side, ready for concrete. the flood is deeper. the dog went swimming. the cat excavator is moving rebar and pipes out of the way as he digs lower on the ramp. can’t see the excavator yet without going to the window, he’s too far up the ramp and out of view.

talked to forman. the reason nothing happened this week was because the hollow core planks were supposed to have more steel in them and the manufacturer had known from the beginnning but made cheaper stuff and charged them the same price, and then the architects issued plans calling for planks with yet more steel so they had to make them the right way anyway but they got paid for it, and so they didn’t get the planks delivered for the second level north end. plus that and it rained two days and then he had to let it dry out for the trenches and running the pipes and pouring the cement floor at 5 o’clock monday morning. plus the storm pipes – the guy was supposed to be down to the catch basin already.

the crane’s there until the 6 floors are up. they’ll plank the 2nd level and run up some more columns and build up the elevator shaft, and then the rest is steel. beams, columns. it’ll be one week on and off. the steel guy, the concrete guy. then he’ll have a framer start at the bottom and work up.

he’s got some canopy problem for the parking deck because he needs 2 columns and the crane is in the way so he’s got to wait until the very end to put in the parking deck.

didn’t use the crane but twice this week. once on some rebar and the other to move something.



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