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Construction Week 19, Monday 9/25 March 9, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

sewer pipes to contain the stream

before dawn. 4 something. a truck in the alley, come in from maine street. the guy must be sleeping, the truck’s idling, running lights on. then the clanking of the gate, and the motor roars as the heavy truck inches forward around an impossible corner that requires backing up into guy’s yard with huge heavy tire wheels tha leave great rents in the yard. because of the new lake out back. in the afternoon yesterday it rained a wonderful rain, and after that the lake swelled with runnoff and extended thru the nextors’ yard and halfway across guy’s. still dark, the truck maneuvers thru a 38-point turn – roar, beep beep beep, roar – until it’s as far down the northeast side as it can get. it unfolds slowly into a boom crane, and sits idling once again as it awaits the cement trucks come like worker ants to service her bloated body. and there they come. it’s only deep dark blue morning out there, but headlights stab into the room as a cement truck takes the same curve in only three up and back moves – going backwards. boring its lights into the bedroom.

later, the boom crane and cement trucks were gone, and the big huge crane was working lifting cement planks off several trucks (a woman, she brougt a bible to read. she’d been there since 9:30 and it was after 12. they’re flooring the 2nd level with planks running parellel to bissey street. they’re starting at the west end and working across big red steel i-beams toward cyde street. the floor underneath them has been laid in cement, and people are still being careful walking on it. the work of decking is going quickly. it’s so cool. the bulldozer is still working on the pipe thing with the stream, but it’s very quiet out there. mainly the bulldozer is moving pipes around and digging the trench. he’s down behind nextor’s house today, moving quickly because all they’re doing is laying straight pipe with no manholes until they get to guy’s.

the lake is down drastically now, even tho they’re still pumping. the water is draining off much faster than it filled, and the flies are swarming by their thousands in the sun. very wet and mucky where there was water. last night’s rain pushed it up another yard toward the back of our house. now it’s down 2 yards.

the little bulldozer is digging a ditch w/in a ditch. don’t know why.




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