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Construction Wednesday 9/27 March 11, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

concrete hollow core planks being lowered by crane


the crane working going back and forth with a quiet whine, no beeps, placing planks all along bissey st. i guess they dug more alley. i heard guys heaving maybe forms and maybe planks, heard saws cutting rebar down. altman went up there yesterday and saw guys hauling cages they were building in one part and bringing up to the 2nd floor to make columns.

the plank guys have gone home and the cat excavator spider is out there cutting a trench along the east side. i guess he’s in front of the vault. a sheep’s foot roller is working on the alley just at the level of the cut north. so they must be putting in the other line and then the big drain and catchment basin. and they still have to go out to maine street before there’s going to be water flow. but our water is almost gone from the back.

the nights are cool, the days are not too mosquito ridden, the dogwoods are beginning to turn. i’ve still got the bushes to put into a nursery bed, and that means going over and getting some manure and making the nursery bed.




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