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Construction Friday 9/29 March 13, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

completing the planking of the commercial floor

they spread all the dirt on the nextor’s and guy’s and maggie’s (no, maggie doesn’t get rid of her trees, this is the other neighbor who doesn’t make it into the story) yards with a bulldozer. nice cornrows up and back. they took down the fence, so we get to go onto the site and take pictures. i wonder if we’ll have to bring our own ladder to get up to the 2nd floor of the building. they’ve put up all the column cages they’ve been building and the crane has been taking them up there all week, in between putting up planking. today it was the last of the cages, and they knocked forms and nailed in supports long after everyone else was gone. the steel guys are all black, and the mexicans are still here, doing everything else. their blue shipping container is still here behind the crane. it’s dark and shady on the ground floor now, back in there under the planking. trucks came in all day with loads of gravel they piled up on top of the remainingdirt on the east side of the site. the trucks made a hell of a banging when they emptied their loads. it used to be the normal noise level, but it’s gone quiet since the metal guys got here. i think it’s black guys doing the concrete, too. i’m not sure.

one lane on bissey street was closed again, a spider excavator taking a big huge iron form out into the lane right next to cars stopped waiting in line. one carload looked very interested, most of the others were on their cellphones and oblivious of the danger. the crawler swung its arm and bucket right over the heads of the cars. at times he put the claw down onto the ground and pushed sideways in a maneuver that delighted altman, like using an arm to push himself around. very elegant. very sensitive. perhaps there’s more skill than it looks. the guys were clearing out the dirt near my pecan tree with their dozers, the little one picking up bundles of rebar, the other using the snout of his bucket to push the rebar up the hill to the ramp. they’re going to finish the alley now, so they say. the fence is down up to my tree and they’ve been smoothing the level between the alley ramp and nextor’s yard. they stopped adding dirt 10′ beyond our fenceline into nextor’s yard, and in an arc around my small trees near nextor’s fence, and they left an island of green around guy’s car and other appliances. the bulldozer filled up 2 dumpsters with the cut limbs and bits of fencing. we need to talk to forman about our driveway cut.

very cool today. bright blue sky, sun wonderfully warm and not uncomfortable. but very bright, but it’s going to be truly cold tonight. we’ve got most of the windows shut for the very first time, and i went down to the studio this morning and heard the furnace on.



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