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Construction Week 20, Monday 10/2 March 17, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

back yards with dirt spread over the kudzu


the bulldozer is putting more dirt on guy’s and nextor’s, the excavator is digging the ramp up, and feeding it to the bulldozer, who’s built a huge mound of dirt, way more than last time, and is spreading it all over the yards, nextor’s first. it goes to the foot of his stairs, and they took out all the trunks in both yards.

the guys are working on the 2nd floor shoring the formed columns. the crane is delivering more slabs they’d had stowed someplace, over on the cyde street circle. i hear some hammering, and they still have the elevator shaft to form up as well as a bunch of rebar columns. i expected the boom pump this morning, tho.

now the excavator is getting more dirt from the northeast corner where the dirt dips down with the street level. no that’s not true.

that’s the guys working on bissey street digging up pipes. cool. the whole of bissey past our block is single lanes narrowed with cones, the south side being torn up. no paving stones on the south side of the street. we figure it was originally 2 lanes not 4 and the stones will be uder the north side of the street.




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