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Construction Tuesday 10/3 March 18, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

putting up the second floor of steel

dumptruck dumping dirt from the yard up the street at the entrance to the ramp. there’s dirt next to the excavator that’s not being worked today, and a little bulldozer is tracking it past the excavator and the pile of dirt he left yesterday. then he’ll get to the pile growing at the top of the ramp. all this for the 3 backyards, which there’s a foot on nextor’s at our line, and there’s still a hole in not maggie’s yard.

sawing, the mexicans whistling messages to each other, building forms around the elevator. raking dirt.

there’s a nasty chemical/rottting body/sewage smell that might be the new dirt. it was strong yesterday. wonder where they got it.

metal saws, hammering, guys up on ladders against the columns to be. they’re shoring them all as they form them. the dirt has stopped for the afternoon. i’m assuming the boom crane comes tomorrow.

the new guy. they sent him out to work the little mini excavator with a clipboard and a few sheets of legal pad. he had his helmet by his elbow. he was bent over reading the directions. he was working on raising and lowering the bucket the first six inches off the ground, the tamping he was going to have to do with the dirt he was going to be filling into the trench somebody else dug but was out sick today so he was sitting there trying to learn the damn thing. there were so many things to deal with. he pressed the horn. and looked down at his sheet. then he jiggled the shift. then he fingered the arm control. he inched forward with his foot on the brake. the machine gave such an alarming beep. he must be doing something wrong. he decided to wait for the guy. he sat back and put his arms behind his head, stretching. then he hunched forward again to reach the controls. it wasn’t like he was a big man, but he had to bend forward like he was going to the john in order to reach the damn things. his shoulders hurt already. it was such a small dinky thing. he felt like a loser, why is my lfie so hard i want it easier please god. he looked around for the guy. he said he’d be right there. he didn’t dare move the machine because of the beeps. he must be going backwards somehow, or those are different beeps warning him he’s got somethng set wrong. how would he know? the directions were woefully inadequate. he’d seen all those guys whipping this baby around like it was a glove, but it scares him. its’ so small to look at, but it’s a bunch of tons, and it’s got an arm that could kill a man or dent up a truck. up close, that arm has hydraulic pipes and steel for muscles. it scares him. he’s not up to it. he wishes he could just lay in bed all day and watch tv. he goes back to learning the machine. he grabs hold of the shift lever and pumps it up. and back. and up and back. and up and back twenty times, getting the feel of the mechanism, learning when it was going in to gear and when it was in gear and when it was coming out of gear, finding the teeth inside the little black box under his seat. then he loked almost longingly at the arm controls. the motor had been on for a while, and he wanted to take advantage of it. he loked around for the guy. he slumped back down for a moment, then mustered his courage and grasped the control firmly, and did something. the arm lifted off the ground six inches and then folded up, the bucket folding into the arm and the arm curling in on itself. it gave a satisfying, if terrifying, clank as it came all the way closed. like fingers into a fist. then he pushed the control the other way and the arm unfolded in a graceful way, and the arm raised it as far as it would go in the air. the upper arm came awfully close to his windshield. those hoses were big and threatening, and pulsed and glistened. he folded the arm back up into itself and rested it on the ground. then he called the guy. i’ve been waiting for you. i’m in a meeting. i’ll be right there. he said that last time. the new guy turned the engine off and left the cab, then locked it and walked away, shutting the windshield, but not before turning to pee on the tractor tires next to him. i strained to see his dick.





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