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Construction Friday 10/6 March 24, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

hollow-core planks covering the water containment vault

they poured concrete again this afternoon. the boom pump was back. early this norming they were knocking off forms, or i guess knocking them together, just like they must have been knocking them together last night when i thought they were taking them off the newly poured concrete.

the arborist was out, and threatened guy, but also said he was giving him a permit for a tree next to his house that’s about to fall down. he doesn’t know about the ones they took down and the bulldozers already took up the roots. the arborist thinks the only solution is to cut our driveway from the corner neighbor’s yard, so we’re going to have to write her again. he completely no’d the suggestion of forman that we cut an 18″ ditch from the current pipe and hole to right next to our tree. no way.

it was cool all day. a front came thru at nidnight, when i was awakened in a sweat because of sudden stifling heat. by 12:30 the wind picked up and it got cooler, and it’s gotten cooler all day except when the sun was way out around 3.

planted all sorts of things that came from michigan bulb in not very good shape on thursday, along with all the stuff still there from bluestone. finally finished the nursery bed that i started on wednesday, dumped 50 lb of manure on it. monarda, butterfly bush, snowball bush, dwarf burning bush, sweetshrub, aster. it’s going to be cool tonight.



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