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Construction Thursday 10/12 March 26, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

thin vertical beamsednesday 6/7

went on a road trip for the last week. while i was gone, tuesday and wednesday, they put up a bunch more red iron cross beams and started sticking thinner columns of steel on top of the cast cement ones. they had the boom pump in today and they poured more cement on the elevator shaft. i also saw forms this morning around the edge of the second floor, at the edge of the plank. the back yards of the other neighbors are being used as storage for the earthmovers and the forms truck. they’ve put gravel on the alley from cyde street and were doing cement pipes down toward maine st.

out front, the connection out into the middle of maine has been covered by huge metal plates for days. they’ve finished going down bissey with the excavators, and now they’ve got maine from the corner of bissey all one way cones and flagmen who happen to be cops.

the weather’s gone cooler, in the 70s in the day and down to chilly at night. blue skies all day. on wednesday it was cloudy with blue skies, and rained in the evening, a wonderful downpour of a thunderstorm for a few minutes.



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