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Construction Week 23, Monday 10/23 April 3, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

hollow core planks being lifted to the 2nd floorednesday 6/7

getting back to chronicling the construction process after 5 days of travelling. husband said they fixed red iron beams to the uprights and started laying plank.

i sat out in the back yard in the windy cold and watched them all in heavy pants and sweatshirts, windbreakers and hoods. they’ve taken down much of the wooden handrails on the second floor. they’ve built up to the third floor with steel uprights and red iron beams, and the crane is lifting planks 2 6-holers at a time. there’s a mexican sawing something on the underside of the second floor at the edge of a column. he had to climb up on the pile of gravel at the edge of the parking deck (so far) and stand there unsteadily while he used a circular saw to cut a bit of something off. it’s cold and windy. there’s a frost warning for ptree city tonight. my internet is still down to the second computer, so i can’t post to the blog, but only because, perhaps, the cable is wonky. or the splitter. or the cable box. i’m cold out here in the back. and verybmuch lagged out from the journey.oh yeah,i was going to write a travelogue. oh well.



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