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Construction Wednesday 10/25 April 14, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

sewer pipes to be laid in the alley

cold, warm once i was working outside raking gravel off the ex-driveway. no mosquitos. dug kudzu, moved things, decided where to put stuff once the gravel is off. decided maybe i’ll leave the gravel at the bottom of the yard. and i want to see where the rain runs off and pile the gravel there, why fight nature.

sawing concrete planks, pouring small pyramidal buckets of cement on the 3d floor, scattering gravel somewhere on the ground floor around the crane for the basement pour it looks like, but i’ll have to go out to be sure. digging in the alley down by the technicolor girl’s house, who was out there this morning getting stuff out of her garage and then they dug it up so nobody can get thru now. husband says it was at least 20′ deep going out to maine st. and 10′ wide. that’s the 24″ pipe they’re putting in under the alley.

the bulldozer had some hard time putting a piece of itself back on it took three men half an hour of beating and prying to get it working. something about the arm or claw end, i couldn’t figure it out. some toothed attachment. then they parked it up on the hill. and then they parked a roller behind him, then a little bulldozer. maybe they’re ready to take them away. there’s a yellow dumpster in the middle of nextor’s back yard now, but the hills of dirt they’ve been piling up for the alley work are mostly gone. of course, there could be another hill tomrrow when they dig the alley back up. who knows.

supposed to be rain later. a storm from texas, backed by a hurricane paul in the western ocean heading for shore. might rain. it’s been very cold. my hands are freezing, and i’ve got the heat up, but not in the back gallery where i’ve moved the computer. both sides of the computer work now. there was a piece of plant material in the connection of the hub. hmm. i did it myself yay.




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