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Construction Week 24, Monday 10/30 April 21, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

putting steel on the 4th floorednesday 6/7

bringing in the thin steel crosspieces. putting them up on the 4th floor front, smoothing more back yard. finishing and black topping the connection of the sewer to maine street where it runs thru the ex barbeque ex coffee place. they’re almost ready to pour concrete in front of the crane and at the other side of the vault, but the edges haven’t been formed up.

out front,the sewer replacement project, they had cyde st on the corner of ahr closed, and ahr from the corner of cyde closed, and only ahr in front of us and cyde going off into the fairy maze of yeolde park open. so cars came down ahr anyway, paused at the closed parts, and either tried to go thru the heavy equipment anyway, backed up and turned around in front of our house, or went into the maze. i felt like getting a bunch of rotten eggs and throwing them at whoever was stupid enough to come thru. they were digging up the next intersection and ahr was impassable past our house to that other street way down the way.

the mexicans put the fence back up in our back yards.

nice day, in the 60s all day.



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