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Construction Wednesday 11/8 May 3, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

sign on road milling machine Wednesday 6/7

spoke to forman. the bolt plates are unfilled, the plan is to wait until the structure is up, then slew it square, then fill with no-shrink fill.

nobody out front or even down the street for a couple of weeks now, but they’re resurfacing the road on ahr street across maine. a big yellow machine with a maw in front and a membrane in back. a milling machine. the dumptruck backed up to it and poured some ex road surface in, then the driver waved him off and he went forward and waited. then this other machine sat itself down on the cut surface (4″ of road had been sliced up and taken away) which they’d just left one lane existing, maybe 8-10′. so two guys with squeegies on poles went around behind the smelly hot black slick the machine left as it crawled forward inch by inch, they pushed the slime into place. it hardened quickly so they had to crumble it, like sugaring candy. the paving guy went for about 20′ and then scooted over to the back of another dumptruck and he poured more stuff inside. i didn’t see what he was pouring in. tar macadam was the result, and gravel, so i assume it was gravel the truck had.

they were scraping flat with a little mini dozer on the alley extension past maine. going to pave that, too, by the looks of it. out on bissey they had the lanes marked and bollarded by the time of the morning dog walk, and the excavator was digging up the fill they’d put in last night. it’s been like that for weeks now. this morning people were turning down ahr street from maine, hoping to avoid the left turn at bissey street, and car after car went down the street looking in panic for the way back to the road. sending up clouds of dust from the temporary fill road surface we have for a street now. i thought about egging their cars, about that paint gun.

lots of guys on the structure today. men up on the highest beams welding and hammering. the welding light was reflected across our room by the edge of the dresser, it was that bright. there are guys on the scissors lifts on the retail floor, the were installing a stairway on the northeast corner of the building, next to the restaurant next door. they’ve run safety wires between (thru) the steel beams on the first and second residential floors. there’s a wooden railing around the retail floor.

it rained all day yesterday, and sometimes hard, and there are channels in the neighbors’ yards.

the sun just came out the first time in three days.



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