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Construction Friday 11/10 May 5, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

dnesday 6/7

putting on another floor

very warm day. early, iron being offloaded and laid out at the bottom of the ramp, clanging loudly while they adjusted the lengths. then flatbeds with big slabs of solid concrete, for the balconies. a small guy was up on the flatbed attaching ropes to the pieces of concrete, he’s been there for a week or two now, i’ve spoken to him once before. he’s kind of bored by the whole thing, but i said we’re fascinated.

out front, saw the guy who i turned into the cops, he said looks like they’re going to stink up the place today, meaning the tar being laid out front. he’s waiting for veterans day, which is on a saturday, and it’s the first time he’s ever gotten it off, and it’s a sore point with him because he’s a veteran. missing his front tooth. they’re having a big barbeque down the street for all the roadworkers, he’s just going to see if he gets his check and he’s not going to stick around for no food. he’s got tomorrow off. the road workers were out in front in force this morning. dumptrucks were pulling away full when i opened up to take the dog for his walk. there was a milling machine moving slowly past the front of the across neighbor with the slumloard’s house, two sets of treads under it, on hydraulic lifts, and a big scrapy thing between them. it had the forward set of treads crawling up the street at 1 mph or less, and the other set of treads was in a ditch 9-10″ deep and about 6-8′ wide. the front of the machine was a conveyor belt, and as it crawled, it spat out bits of road into a dump truck crawling sowly in front of it. loud and grindy noises. there were bunches of people in the street with dayglo green vests and hardhats. one woman, white, head of traffic control, the other side of the operation, took me up to see where they’d cut right thru the paving stones to dig a flat street surface. there were parts of cobbles left in a small pile in the street. new dumptrucks were moving in off maine street having to go nto the new ditch with 2 wheels to get around the stones, or actually move over them on their way to the miller. lots of activity, a real bustle.

out back there’s the first of the residential floors with a ceiling and they’ve been extending the columns higher by straping on extensions, over the last few days. they’ll be laying plank for the third residential floor next.

a team of mexicans is grinding the cement back wall of the parking deck. three of them. one uses some drill-like plane thing, kicking up lots of dust that the other two dodge while standing there watching the guy. and then they trade off.

i wonder if they’re running electrical conduit or water pipes thru the hollow core. they’re over there welding something in the ceiling of the first residential floor. they installed a set of stairs earlier this week, so now i can get to the top if i could get inside the place after they’re gone. a ladder on the tree, another ladder over the fence also on the tree. how elegant.

it’s in the 70s out, the sun with some clouds but no rain likely because it’s dry. just past peak with the local trees.

went downstairs while they were fixing underneath the milling machine, hammers, banging.

heard the street milling machine come on as i was sitting there enjoying the nice weather, and came upstairs as the miller passed my house and went for the corner. watched they cut up the street and shot it into duptrucks. watched a guy walking alongside the machine, his hand on some row of buttons. watched another guy on the other side of the truck run and hustle from front to back looking at the road and coming to look at a readout on the back of the truck. they got almost to the end of the street and had to stop. the machine puffed up on its hydraulic lifts, like penis extenders, the thing in the middle came up too, and the machine crawled out of the hole and move forward a few feet. then the guy on top lowered the machine, and lowered a plate behind the grinder, which i could see rolling until he did this, and then put it down on the street and started moving forward again. the thing started spitting road, and the back treads went down into the hole, and it crawled on as before. but only for another couple of feet, and then it picked itself up, rolled up out of the trench, and rolled across the street to park and lock down for the night, because tomorrow’s veterans’ day. the guy gave me a cutting thing, because i asked the traffic control girls what the cutting edge was and they tried to explain it to me. like knives? like a hairbrush? like a saw? turns out to be little nipples like drill bits all over the roller.



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