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Construction Week 26, Monday 11/13 May 13, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

digging up the street and patching it back up againednesday 6/7

started out very cold. last night it was very windy and cold, and it rained in the afternoon right after i planted an azalea i dug up from the side alley. moved a dogwood seedling i found in the garden upstairs, planted it by the other one i moved down. looking up ferns that spread by rhizomes and division.

talking to the boston guy this weekend, he mentioned how his radios don’t work on the site, or he’d think about using them for the crane. the guy tested them at the shop, but they didn’t work here. he was going to have him look at it this weekend. i suggested black hole properties.

the road milling and paving equipment sat there all weekend in a long line down ahr street, next block over in front of the ex factory. today they were back at it, doing the next block down from us. the white lady moved a big road closed sign to in front of our house, and people drove right by. for awhile it was really impassable. but they came anyway.

the guys moved steel from the truck to the ramp, and from the ramp up to the 3rd residential floor, where guys lowered and fixed the iron and other gusys bolted it on. one floor down, a bunch of mexicans were receiving cement from a portable crane that appeared this morning, a white crane with a black boom. it lifted a pyramidal cement carrier and gave it to a guy at the corner, who lifted it over the wires railing the place, and then lowered it to rest just in between the floors. and a guy operated it, and guys wheeled barrows up to it, and he choked off the flow and they hefted the barrow and trudged away into the building. i heard scraping. they must be filling the joints between cement planks. they whistled at each other in their nonverbal language. dumptrucks came up and left. there were many buckets of cement to pour out of the crane even when the dumptrucks weren’t there. i didn’t go see. it’s getting dark outside at 5:45, and the two guys on the ramp are still sitting there, like someone’s going to operate the crame. there are still guys up on the floors. it’s probably not going to rain even tho there’s a front coming thru in a couple of hours. not enough moisture in the air.



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