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Construction Thursday 11/16 May 20, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 ground muddy, lake in the back yard, husband got out there and dug some of the ditch we need between our trees and the new pit. cloudy most of the day, cool and windy. the back end of the low coming thru. the trucks returned with concrete planks, and there were lots of people doing things on the floors.

out front they dug up the entire intersection of ahr and cyde, digging up lots of paving stones and uncovering and taking 5 20′ long iron trolley rails, which they left by the side of the road. the excavator brought up car-sized chunks of concrete and punched it up with its teeth. the sound was horrible, the house shook. i thought i saw the cracks growing in the house. the work crew came by and dug by hand where they’d broke the water pipe in front of our driveway, and fixed it. then they came and dumped gravel and spread it and had the oil truck and the rollers and about 30 men in green doing all the jobs. this morning it was covered up and clear. but it’s only temporary.



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