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Construction Week 27, Monday 11/20 June 17, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

the building from my backyardednesday 6/7

cold and windy. the back end of a low curling down over us. snow in tTN and SC last night. they’re back to doing steel. there are 2 stairways, one on the northeast end, one next to the elevator. lots of steel lining the alley. they’re putting in the uprights for the rest of the floors, i assume. it goes up again as much as it rises from the 2nd floor parking deck. guys working on all floors doing something or other. lots of sawing noises, lots of crane action, flatbeds with steel.

yesterday and saturday there were no workers. i went thru the fence and started digging the ditch between our trees and the dip with the pipe in it. saw nextors last night, asked when they were going to seed their back yard. they said they were going to do it in the spring. i said better do it asap because of the erosion ruts. they didn’t know anything about what was going to happen to their yard.

up front, the sewer replacement guys are gone from our streets, moved on to cabbagetown. supposedly they’re going to come back to link each sewer line to the front. could be awhile. more noise then, of course. more shaking. will they tunnel?



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