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Construction Tuesday 11/21 June 18, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

the vault, covered over with hollow-core planksednesday 6/7

cold clear and windy. bitter. it frosted last night in atlanta. i saw no sign but we’re sheltered.

i worked in the yard, moving 2 foxgloves down to the further tree along the east side of the yard. i’ve found 4 hostas that should move from the front walk, but don’t know where to put them. there are 6 hostas along the path that get too much sun, but i don’t know where to put them either. i bought septic tank enzymes. i read up about strip composting, or lasagna, where the newspaper goes on the bottom and it’s layers on top of that. i put leaves down on the bottom 2 compost bins and then put down paper, and i put paper directly on the ground and piled stuff on that.

the cement truck was here this afternoon, lifting the pyramid container up to the 2nd floor of planks. they’re half thru building the 3rd floor of steel. the uprights no longer look so tall. the northwest side of the building, third floor doesn’t have any taller uprights attached. or of course floor beams.

there was an orange hertz equipment rental truck, a forklift that goes up higher because the crane part starts at the back of the vehicle and the arm rests in front over the cab. beep beep.

more steel resting on the vault floor, i think. something, at any rate. there’re long 2x4s stretching across the bottom of the ramp whre they line up steel to gang it up to the floor. they look like big burnt matchsticks without the burn marks. eaten up, tho.



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