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Construction Wednesday 11/22 June 20, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7

forman’s kid was here, saw him up on the neighor’s porch getting a coke out of the machine. i asked him if he’d like one at his house. in his room was the answer. cold and windy and bright. last night we had a circling storm in the ocean off south carolina and the back end was dropping down over us, and i thought i saw a slight dusting of snow on the ground when i got up to pee at 3 in the morning.

they moved more beams ut to the ramp, big thick ibeams. there’s some kind of stack of gray things over near the back gate, don’t know what that is. there’s plastic sheeting sticking out beyond the edge of the entrance to the parking deck. maybe they’re doing that moisture barrier thing on the far side of the back end facing the ramp. they’ve installed a couple of steel extension risers onto the northwest side of the project. how come they’re not building back this way? i though the livable area extended back to the alley. with the inside of the L shape field with parking deck and clubhouse. 2 of the new extensions on that side go up another ways from the ones they’ve been working on on the other side of the building. double the length. i wonder why they’re not doing it the same. maybe they ran out of big size risers?

the guys are gone for the day by 2:30, it’s a cold wind but really it’s just a gentle breeze, the leaves, what’s left of them, are hardly moving. the dogs tore up the one sack of leaves i left back in the pen. husband’s been going around collecting bags of leaves to put back there. they’re up against the back of the house or stacked in a big bunch where we took out the nandinas after the tree fell.



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