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Construction Week 28, Monday 11/27 June 24, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

Wednesday 6/7

building a compost pile using other peoples' leaves
i just reread something from august, where the ramp was given a month to completion. it’s almost december now, and it’s still dirt and gravel. can’t see it changing until they’ve got the steel up, because where are they going to put the steel beams before lifting them to the building?

another beautiful day, in the upper 70s. light clouds way up. built compost pile to the top of the fence, put on more fertilizer, watered. started lining up the rest of the bags at the end of the dog pen. filled some holes in pen with gravel, put dirt back in place for mockoranges. moved 2 big stones up to cover the pits for the mockoranges (which i then promptly forgot where they were). built up the compost heap in the yard with a plastic bag of leaves from early in the season. put the loose sticks back in the back with the ligustrum, which is evergreen, so i think i’ll keep it back there. thinking of moving the magnolia, have to move the tea olive, maybe that would go in the middle instead of another mockorange. tried strip composting where i want to put a bunch of azaleas and dogwoods next year, which means putting down a layer of paper leaf bags, then dumping lots of leaves on top of them. evidently the paper will help the composting. we’ll see.

a guy in the basement cutting up cinderblock. a forklift putting pallets of cinderblock up in the retail floor. 2 guys on the retail floor building a wall in the southeast corner facing the mexican restaurant. the crane putting up more steel in the early part of the day, but they didn’t get very far. they bolted the beams together, 2 guys at a time. there was drilling with a torch, and bolting, and air guns tightening the bolts. so were they welding the bolts in? or were they welding holes, because it looked to my bad eyes like a circle of flame erupted from the other side of the beam where the guy was doing something and the guy sitting on the beam backed way away while he did it. 2 guys stood around below the ladder, maybe supervising. one of them a big black guy, looked like he was in charge. the boston guy, maybe he’s a contrracto with lots of subs, like the vertical guys, and the horizontal guys, and the bolting and welding guys, and the crane operator. on the floor below, someone was pushing a broom, loosening all the cement they’ve been sealing the cracks with. the cement truck was here, and the crane for the pyramid thing, and they were lifting it up to the 2d residential floor.

finished bringing in planks and balconies for the 2nd residential floor. cool in the shade, warm in the sun. sunny most of the day, but whispy clouds. probably up to 70.




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