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Construction Thursday 11/30 July 28, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 it sprinkled thru the night, and rained hard just before dawn. the compost pile is not beaten down yet. i put a bag of mushroom compost on it yesterday, and a bag of cow manure, as well as half a box of septic tank enzymes. laid out all the paving stones we picked up from down the street where some guy had finished renovating and threw out a whole lot of paving stones and cobble stones. husband picked up 9 more bags of leaves that thing one told him he’d spent hours working on. hope he gets paid even tho we stole the evidence. still very warm. there’s a huge system building west of us, it’s over the mississippi now but moving this way. big thunderstorms, and massive snow to follow. it may even hit us tomorrow or the next day. cool.

2 trucks with concrete planks arrived this morning. this afternoon there was half the 4th floor covered. still don’t have those 2 beams up, tho, but that’s at the other side of the project. there are lots of cinderblocks waiting in the yard to be cut up and cemented, and a tower of masonry mortar piled on a pallet. don’t really know what happened because i was gone most of the day. they worked right until it got dark, tho.



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