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Construction Wednesday 12/6 August 12, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

ednesday 6/7 first metal studs going in

they’ve got the end wall all cinderblocked up, even tho the orange forklift with the very loud beep is even now delivering another pallet of cinderblock to the commercial floor. they’ve got to remove the top and middle bar of the fence they put up around the floor to get loads thru. the residential floors all have wire rope around them. we saw the new england guy drawing the wire around on the 4th residential floor the other day. but on the commercial floor there is no metal beam to draw it thru,, so they built fences. a guy comes over and slips the bars out of their holder. i guess it’s just where they need it that it’s so flimsy, or maybe there’s a metal plate or something to hold it on. the guy comes up and casually drops the lengths into a slot.

they’ve started putting up the inside metal studs now. the space between the stairs and the elevator shaft is panelled with them, maybe as a stash place, maybe they’re going to waste them like that, who knows. but they’re starting to wall in the west side and the north side with metal studs, while continuing to build the cinferblock part. kind of looks like they’re going to continue around the north side, maybe interspersed with studs. how exciting. there’s very little metal in the alley, tho this morning i saw a beam going up on the crane. they’ve got the 5th floor beams almost finished, and i suppose tomorrow it’ll be the planking guys’ turns. less cold, bright and sunny. the night before we were so cold our feet didn’t warm up for some time after getting into bed. chilled to the bone. today is better.



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