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Construction Friday 12/15 September 4, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news.

completed shell of the building Wednesday 6/7

talked to forman and the steel guy. they dumped gravel on the drainage hole and covered it up, so we went out there to ask why. they’re going to move the crane next week into the alley. it’ll be spring before they put the alley in and i can move the rose bushes to the back of our lot. that means it’ll be anouther year before we get actual roses, but they grow 20′ in a year. don’t even know what kind of roses. they’re the bush i dug up in the front yard last year because it was causing too much trouble. turned out it was 7 rose bushes, and so i planted them all in the sunny corner of the back yard.

warm, started out 35, is now over 70. cloudless.

doing the strip compost along the outside of the fence all the way down the back. paper lawn waste bags over the bare dirt, then the contents of the bags – leaves – over that. supposedly creates dirt and worms. we’ll see.

the scaffold and boards on the first residential floor deck turn out to be a makeshift fence above the commercial floor on the southeast side. to protect the workers from falling off.

putting planking on the roof. it’s slow going, and the trucks are backed up on ahr and cyde streets.

called water department, left 2nd message for daphne, and called the street work contractor guy about our bill. they broke our pipe or something, and we want them to pay for the repairs and the extra water bill.



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