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Construction Saturday 12/22 October 5, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

cinderblocking the side of the buildingednesday 6/7

out back the mexicans were here putting up metal studs, drilling holes, hammering. on the site there are bundles of cement forms, they’ve got 12 columns to put up on top of the wires sticking out of the decking, which now covers the whole west side of the parking deck, to the alley. there’re a bunch of already made up column cages lifted by crane to the top of the 2nd floor parking deck. they moved the crane yesterday, and it was much noisier this close to us. better view of the crane action, tho. there’s a roof on the elevator shaft, you don’t see the xmas tree from the back anymore. there’s brick arriving for finishing walls. they’ve cinderblocked up the first residential floor on the east side. there’s a sign up on the boards about retail space available. they put in a new fence a few days ago. there’s lots of stuff being stored in there, there’s rolling gates to let in nice big equipment. they’ve cleared out the ground in the verandah area at the SE corner and i guess they’ll cement that soon. the cement truck was here friday, at the back of the alley, don’t know what they were unloading, maybe stuff for the parking deck seals. i got to watch straight on as they lowred a plank and fit it in on the parking deck. usually i’m too low as can only guess by the body language. it’s the same here, but i get to see them being clumsy, and being social, and the guy who tried to box everyone who came around him, and my fantasy of him getting too rough too close to the edge, and the view of watching them test a rail, which was only a 1×2 knocked between two planks. and it came out, and the black guy got to hammer it in. the older white guys supervised, but it was active. the tougher younger guys did all the pulling, the handling of the drill, the wrenching ropes from around the dropped-in plank. nice day, got colder in the shade all day. must be stars out.



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