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Construction Tuesday 12/26 October 8, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

dnesday 6/7 front elevation

the rain was over monday, the back end of the curling low scraped over us today, and it got colder and more bitter, and i’m in the back room, which is unheated, and i’m wearing a sweatshirt and a scarf and my dad’s writing sweater on top of that. and i’ve put the thermostat up 1 degree, to 64. but my nose is cold and my fingers are cold and so is my coffee, and i’d have cold feet except for a pair of thick wool hiking socks husband gave me for smas.

cold and windy and worse and worse. the first thing i saw when i got up around 11, the first time i’ve been able to sleep late since well before xgiving. i saw a guy put a ladder onto the top of the elevator shaft and go uncurl the flag, or take the tree down. the flag snapped into view as he got to the top of the structure, but the flag doesn’t hang there so i’m not sure if he could really reach it. it seems to be flying under the roof of the shaft becase it shows under the far edge as i see it from below.

they took at least one delivery of cement block, and continued building up the east end of the building, they’re halfway up the second residential floor. bunches of guys were out on the parking deck they’ve just floored. guys were building rebar cages for the columns of the commercial floor, red rebar, rusted. many guys standing around and doing things on the deck. they put 3 dumpsters side by side to block the alley, and filled up the ramp with red iron beams and other steel sundries while they wait for the cement. a few of the cages are partially covered with plastic forms. the commercial floor is all metal studs. you can see the entrance on cyde street, the lobby going back to the elevator. evidently (i looked at the plans again and got pictures of some stuff when we went to give forman his can of cashews on wednesday or thursday, supposed to be his last day in town before the company sponsored cruise to the bahamas for which he was leaving and wouldn’t be back until the 10th of january. i asked him for a set of plans for an xmas gift) thery’re going to have a separate entrance into the upper floor of the parking deck as well as the alley with an entrance into the lower floor of the parking deck. maybe there’s going to be no ramp between floors. since they’ve moved the crane, the middle of the site is a hole. the commercial floor comes back this way a whole section, and now they’ve put 2 more sections on the cyde street end, all the way to the alley, and the hole is half of the vault (if you could see it) and 8 sections square, pretty much. one of the construction lights on the 4th floor blinks on and off during the day. or at lest did this weekend. somebody might’ve screwed it back in.



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