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October 16, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

putting on the back of the buildingednesday 6/7

Tuesday 1/2

the crane is lowering steel upright beams on top of the new cement columns. they spent the mornng taking the forms off, and now they’re piled neatly on the deck, and they’re attaching the uprights, along cyde street row first, then i suppose working backwards. the columns were set with iron bits poking up out of them.

there’s a guy in the holes in the still-dirt part of what’s going to be the deck behind the middle of the building. the little itty dozer was out at the entrance to the lower deck early this morning, digging more holes. little 4′ high mounds of dirt. so cute. not sure what they’re doing out there, but the guy who is in the hole in the middle is about where they should be building cagework for the middle column. i can’t tell what he’s doing, tho.

saw forman out there today. so much for coming back to work on the 10th. he must hve seen what they were up to and decided he needed to be here anyway. else the wife got tired of him or he of them. who knows. the crane’s going back for another one. it’s so close to our tree, sitting back there in the alley right where the drain dips down in the nextors’ yard. it’s 60 in the sun, but the wind is cold. no clouds anywhere. full moon tonight. i haven’t been outside all day, but i did a lot of work in the yard yesterday. mostly in front, where i pulled and dug up grass (a noxious weed) and cut back things along the fence and in the beds. today i want to do something, but i’ve been sitting upstairs all day waiting for the guy from the water department, or the contractor i think it was, comes out to see us about our leak. but husband is in the basement, so i’m probably going to let the dog warn him of any visitors and go on out there while the sun lasts. the water covers half the back yard over the house now, with the shadows of branches looking like rivulets.

they’re starting to put an upright on the 2nd row of columns now, a row back from the alley. the fat ones that are several times the ordinary column width.

out front they’re back in ahr street. the reynolds yellow dumptrucks are lined up around our house, with the bulldozer and the work crew down where the shops are on the corner of maine. they’re digging on this side of the stteet, so we’re expecting them to move up this way, and i need to get them to give me all the paving stones they come up with in front of our house.

weeded the prewildflower meadow for awhile, got much of them up thanks to going over them first with a shovel.

watched them put uprights on the inner columns, then spacer flange things about 2′ high on top of the outer columns, bolting them on one guy on a ladder. the boston guy came around and safety-roped off the place while they were doing it. once they got all the spacers they took 3 pieces of red iron and put it on the end of the crane. the boston guy had to help the two mexicans. they had to move a lot of red iron beams before getting the 3 they wanted. there was a lot of noise as beam caught on beam and they had to duck and sway to get out of the way. they’d already put one large crossbeam in place next in line from the existing building. they put the two beams connecting it and the building and projecting toward the alley with the other. i’m not sure where the 3rd one is. guys began filtering away from other parts of the buildng around 3:30, the steel guys were still there. it takes one guy on top of the crossbeam and one guy on a ladder at the bilding and the crane holding the beam weightless but not momentumless, then tilt and slot the beam into the guides/container flanges. then they put the other one in. we were on a dog walk and saw forman and the boston guy talking, we waved. they were watching them slot another beam in (these are lighter than crossbeams, and there seems to be a lighter one still). they couldn’t get it in, and first one tried to wedge it from the ladder, and then he got on top of the beam and the guy on the other end crawled, or slid over the beam to help him, and they tried wedging it from the bottom. the thing’s still weightless, and moves when they wedge it. then boston comes over, climbs up the ladder, tells them i told you do it from the bottom, and wedges the spacer thing with a prybar and the beam slips in. everybody laughs. forman says that’s how they did it in the old days and we cheer.

crane wobbles with the weight of three beams of steel. wobbles significantly, the whole length of the boom. wobbles the crane body as well.

they’re going home soon. i’l go get some rebar out of the dumpster.



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