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Construction Friday 1/5 October 20, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

erosion in my backyarddnesday 6/7

it’s raining, and a line of thunderstorms are moving in before 10 am. they’ve got the elevator thing on the side of the building operating, and are building it as they go by going up to the top and adding another toothed ramp. they’ve got it on the northwest corner of the building, and it’s designed to load materials in the back and unload them thru the front, a long rectangular elevator thingie.

they’re sawing rebar. there’s many more cinderblocks up front on the street part they’ve isolated with a fence 10′ out into the street. the big orange uhaul rental lull forklift on a crane is sitting out there and they only use it to lift stuff up onto the floors. cinderblock is what i’m guessing. for many weeks it was back here where the lower parking deck will be.

the sawing i’m hearing is a cement saw. they’ve got a plank poised above the beams, and they’re sawing it. lots of white smoke comes out. there’s somebody welding the iron beams in. there are three trucks lined up with planks to put in. we’re wondering if they’ll go home once it starts to rain, but the nice line of thunderstorms seems to be breaking as it comes across. they haven’t knocked down the forms for the columns yet. perhaps they’ll wait until it stops raining, or maybe they’re letting them cure extra long? it seems foolish to start putting steel up on half-cured concrete columns, but what do i know?

wonderful rain. a line of very strong storms loomed to the west moving northeasterly. we had to go to newnan and so drove down to meet it. the sky two hills beyond was deep purple, and the sky under that was almost green. it looked wonderful. then we were under it, and then we saw the rain line wetting the road and then we were in it with our wipers on high and slowed down to 40 peering anxiously into the gloom for the taillights of the guy in front stopping. we got to where we were going not 10 minutes after a ferocious storm and tornado swept thru the fields just beyond (a catholic church). the guys said they saw it bouncing along, coming down and going up. it took out a barn and brought down trees. wonderful. and we just missed it. but the green sky was something to see. it was raining again when we left and rained all the way back.

when we got home there was a couple of yards of back yard on our side of the silt fence that was bright orange, and i could see a stream of water coursing down our back yard, pretty much where i’d marked it out the last time it rained. that’s going to be the path. it cuts thru the wildflower area in the same direct path we’ll use to get back there, and the fork that goes back towards nextors and the drainage ditch collects water and pools, so that’s the path there. glad it works out so conveniently. i marked the fall line beween 1008 and 1006, which goes from northwest to southeast halfway thru the back yard. then it drops another two feet to where all the rain cllects when it rains heavy. that’s 1006 feet above sea level, according to the survey. i’m going to put some of the 5 railroad ties level across the fall line and force it to become a waterfall, dig out the 1007 level a little to chanel the water, and spread gravel.

they were putting on the planks when we left at 10 am. there were 3 trucks waiting. they’ve got about half of the new deck surface (or the roof of the commercial floor) covered with planks. they’re short section ones. the next section is much longer, 30′ or so. when we got back the box and ropes had been hoisted into the air by the crane, which means the steel guys have gone home. only the inside guys were doing hammering, nailing, sawing, probably brick laying.

i can barely and only from one spot see any traffic thru the commercial floor. it’s all been cinderblocked up.

they managed to take off the forms for the two storey column in the middle of the commercial floor that’s still dirt while we ewre gone.



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