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Construction Saturday 1/6 October 22, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

world's largest compost bin Wednesday 6/7

epiphany, the traditional xmas tree burning day. we found an xmas tree discarded near the worksite. someone showed up around 8 to work for a couple of hours. the guys up on the floors. sawing, hammering, banging. they finished putting up the vertical rails for the elevator thing on the NW corner.

the red pond in my back yard is now just muck. i dug a channel between us and the nextors, the channel goes thru gravel like the rest of the ex driveway. 2″ of good dirt on top of it, tho. pitched it all into the designated raised veggie garden beds. it was in the 70s today, little fluffy clouds around. very nice, very good to be outside working all day. turned most of the central stack of compost sitting in the path, saw that the compost in the the bins has gone down and i’ll put more bags into it soon. moved the compost stack to the area i’ve just outlined with bricks, a place that doesn’t get the stream coming thru it. it gets partial sunlight, so now it’s going to become mulch and i’ll find something to plant in it. moved some tradescantia from the bed around the tree up in front, and put it beneath the studio window that used to have azaleas in it but they died. moved the irises that’ve never bloomed in front out to the new sunny garden area i was just describing, put them next to the part of the foundation of a mysterious ex other structure that’s buried in the north eastern part of our back yard. what else did i do? picked more grass out of the front yard, only clover and violets left there – never have to mow. grass is a noxious weed. saw how lots of daffodils are coming up, have some flower heads swelling. saw a quince in flower at the garden center. yesterday saw some bradford pears coming into bloom on maine street down by the hospital. still didn’t go over to the site and take pictures yet.

they’ve built part of a low wall coming from the SE corner of the building, where the deck is. it’s probably the same sort of holey wall they have along the rest of the alleyway. probably comes out just past a carlength. there’s a trench the rest of the way to the other side of the back wall, grille, parking garage wall, whatever it’s going to be called.

our pecan tree is more and more silted up. the alley is beginning to slump down the hill, witih huge fissures opening up. the trees aren’t getting any water or air at the moment for much of their immediate root area. and they’re not going to stay dormant long. i wish forman would hurry up and make the alley. but he won’t be doing that until the crane is gone.



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