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Construction Sunday 1/7 October 23, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

flooded by construction erosionednesday 6/7

rain. warm, and raining sometimes hard from early morning. now the bottom part of the alley is flooded, i guess they covered over the manhole drain in the middle. there’s a seam of orange down the middle of guy/nextor’s boundary, there’s the crescent of the buried drain pipe in font of the crane, and the cut of the ditch i dug continuing the fence line down the side, and the lake of bright orange along the back of our property. behind the silt fence is at least a foot of red mud, and the fissures on the side of the ramp are big and gaping, a foot across at the tops. the stream is running down the back of our yard, confined to its miniscule banks.

i’m thinking of planting monkey grass along the east side of the path to help with erosion control. the path will get gravel, and may have to be deepend to take it, and that’s okay. i still have to work out how the water flows across the upper part of the wildflower meadow.



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