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Construction Tuesday 1/9 October 25, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

nesday 6/7

cold, windy, little puffy clouds getting bigger as the day rolls by. the thermometer on the porch says 55, but it only feels like that in the sun. they’re putting up steel on the first residential story on the cyde street side.

the crane keeps hitting the branches of my pecan, whenever he brings a beam up to the floor. there seems to be a gallery level, a covered walkway on the commecial floor. they’re building up from one section in from where the steel and planking goes. they’re continuing the line of the building from before when they put up the bissey street side of the building, so it looks like there’s going to be a deck or a covered walkway around the back part of the building, but of course the middle part isn’t built up yet, and i’m waiting or them to put steel on the new 2-storey column they just poured a couple of days ago.

lots of drilling and sawing and hammering going on. with the crane in the alley now, it’s not much less noisy than it was when we had big earthmoving equipment out there.

the water has subsided some, but it still surrounds my trees, and the pecan’s base is covered above a foot in silt and mud. it doesn’t look like anything’s going to be done about it for several months. weeks at least. i’m worried. spring’s almost here (in the middle of january).

it froze last night, supposed to freeze tonight. i’ve just got a shipment of plants in, a comfrey plant, a red trillium and a goldenseal. i’m waiting to hear back from the company out in oregon as to whether i should put them in the ground in their pots, as the instruction sheet says, or should i take them out. i think i’ll plant them without pots, but it won’t hurt them to be inside while the weather is so harsh.

they’ve put up a rebar wall at the southeast corner of the parking deck, where they were pouring a low wall a few days before. they need to put forms up and then they can pour. it goes up to the level of the east wall.

they’ve only got the 4th and 5th floors of the residential section to finish building a cinderblock wall up the side of. there’s loads of cinderblock piling up along cyde street. maybe to build inside walls. they’re still putting shiny metal pieces up on the facade of the place, they’re up to the top of the 3rd resdiential floor now. everybody’s wearing jackets and sweaters. it looks like most of the jackets are the same shade of gray.



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