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Construction Thursday 1/11 October 31, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

getting ready to pour the other side of the parking garage walllednesday 6/7

only slightly warmer. going to get cloudier as the day goes on. the little dozer is in the middle smoothing out the dirt so they can pour the floor. perhaps this time i can get my figure into the cement. maybe. the cut up branches are still on the ramp. they’re putting shiny metal on the 2nd residential floor, and the cinderblock wall is almost to the 5th floor now. either they’ve poured at the back entrance or they’re waiting to pour, all the forms are up and supported by shoring 2x4s. they’ve put up the first residential floor beams on the extension. they’re all doing something on their hands and knees at the edge of the lip over the south side. measuring, or else looking at plans.

guys use those scissors lifts hanging half out of the edge of the floor, standing on the outside of the building screwing in the shiny metal. what if the thing fell over? how many hundreds of industrial accidents we could have in the story from stuff that could have gone wrong on the site, but didn’t because of all the guardian angels these men have.

there hasn’t been any work in front of the house all week. we thought they were working the day after the rain, but they were merely taking their shit away to some other part of the area. like yesterday they had bissey street blocked off on our block, one lane traffic. they had to stop traffic when we walked the dog to let us walk by in the middle of the street, because they had a mini dozer on the sidewalk and cars coming from only one direction.

they’ve put up the first red iron beam on the 2-storey column in the middle of where the crane used to be. it’s level with the others on the upper paarking deck floor.

went for the dog walk. ntoiced that the 5th floor has lights now, and maybe has for awhile.



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