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Construction Friday 1/12 November 3, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Urban Development.

there’s now a big mound of dirt straddling guy’s and maggies (not) yards, scraped up from the inside so they can start putting down the floor. the little dozer is spreading a pile of gravel someone dumped inside the back gate this morning. they’ve built more forms narrowing the back entrance down to the width of a truck, columns blocking the open space Forman said he needed to leave and why they couldn’t move the crane another 20′ back toward the back gate.

heard noises again in the middle of the night. loud banging as if someone took a stick to the iron stairs or something.

cloudy, cool, not as cold as the last few days. waiting for rain to develop.

there are two trucks with hollow-core planking out on cyde street. that’ll go on the second residential floor.

i planted the comfrey where i’d had one of the rose bushes, close to the fence. not well drained at all. we’ll see. the ttrillium and goldenseal went under the trees on our narrow alley between our house and the corner neighbor’s.

forman has not yet gotten someone to dig out my trees or the drain hole. hurry up, it’s going to rain soon and we’ll have more problems.



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