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Construction Saturday 1/13 November 4, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

a broken pipe undermines the stream bedednesday 6/7

cloudy, very wam, 70 outside. not gong to rain. missouri and out there are getting a big ice and snow storm, but it’s arcing north of us. i transplanted monkey grass from the nursery bed, where it lined it, to the new path around the water flow. it’ll help stabilize the soil and will eventually go wild and not look so much like it was planted in a straight line.

put the household scraps out on the compost heap, followed by a bunch of wet dirt, some fertlizer, and some manure, followed by bags of leaves. the leaves in bags are bone dry except for the very bottom, and at the bottom they’re so sodden that they break. the leaves in bags have become compacted and sometimes have varying dedgrees of dampness.

forman and son were here today. i thanked him for the tree service – mexicans dug out around the trees to the level of the old ground. it’ll do until it rains again. maybe monday, tuesday. maybe not at all. we pointed out all the places where the concrete floor isn’t even, and he said that’s the parking deck, and the architects designed it that way, up and down. all they do is put the pipes in the lowest places, and the architects can do what they want.

we went over there at 3:30 because we noticed all the trucks weer gone and the gates were still open. forman had specifically asked them to take care of the gates. it was our excuse to go take pictures inside. but in the dirt courtyard was a team of mexicans with a bitty excavator. they were doing something in the mud about where the stream used to exit the vault excavation. forman said they were having some problem with the compression testing, the soil was too soft, they had to fix it.

he explained that the reason it looks like they’re going to cement up the back entrance to the lower parking deck is becaue they have to construct a temporary column to support the steel beam they’re going to run over the entrance. then they’ll knock it down.

i asked him about the crane falling over scenario. he said if it wasn’t level, and the operator was supposed to test it every day, certainly signed off on it every day (i’d only seen him do it once, yesterday, with a neon pink yardstick level), then it could blow over in a strong wind, or get unbalanced by swinging a load too wide, and it would come toppling down. or if the ground shifted under the crane. it happens. just not here, he was hopeful about that.

tomorrow i’ll go up on the floors and take pictures.

forman mentioned that the piped stream that crosses cyde street and comes thu the property diagonally, running thru the glass shop and down across maine street parallelling bissey street down the hill, that this pipe has been undermined by all the water coming thru for so long (presmably while they had the pipe broken inside the property and fixed it by dumping dirt and gravel on it and thereby backed up the stream flow and began or accelerated the undermining of the ground the pipe runs thru. which means, he told the city, the street could colapse, especially with all these heavy trucks and their loads cruising arond and sitting for extended periods on top of the undermined street subsurface. the city came by the next day, and said they would have to shut his access to the upper alley, and he wasn’t having any of that. he wasn’t expecting them to come by so quick, he was just letting them know for when he was done moving stuff in and out down the whole length of the block on cyde street. months down the road. it could happen. enough rain and everything could slump. sinkhole appears in city park area of atlanta. something to be said for living at the very edge of a district.



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