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Construction week 36, Monday 1/15 December 8, 2007

Posted by jeanne in construction news, Gardening, Urban Development.

they were in pulling up all the plastic they’d put down in the middle part. they spanned the 2-story column with red steel, completing the east-west back of the building. the deck still has to extend out to the alley. they’ve built rebar cages that run horizontally over the entrance to the lower parking deck, the two columns we saw earliier are empty forms holding up the cages. they’ll build forms around these and pour real soon now. i saw them sloshing thru the water the burst hose had poured out into the central part all day yesterday. we’d left a message on forman’s cellphone but maybe he already knew about it, he never called us back to tell us where the stopcock was. they’ve mostly put up the floorbeams of the second residential floor extension. there’s a load of 2x4s out front. real wood. signals a completely different stage of construction.
waiting for it to rain, it’s in alabama, crossing from southwest to northeast, as usual. i’ve got the gravel dam cleared away (i had raked all the gravel off the wildflower bed to be and piled in a dam across the normal flow of the water. i think i want to do that with the trolley rails in the middle part of the yard, where it’s mostly flat. now the next time it rains, thewater will carve its own channel down the steep part, the 3rd quarter of the yard, where i had the dam. and when it’s marked out its channel, i’ll line it with higher ground and put some gravel into it, and seed the rest. if the gravel holds out. joke.
they started lifting stacks of lumber up to the new 1st residential floor extension and and 4th residential floor that’s been finished. the ones on the 1st floor are sitting out for the rain to fall on. at dusk a pickup came towing a little mini bulldozer. they unloaded it, then looked over our property, the ditch, the drainage, and discussed it, couldn’t tell what they said. then a dumptruck came up, and the bulldozer took a load of that dirt and put it in the truck. they left after dark, i wonder if they left the mini dozer.



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