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great new idea for this material September 4, 2012

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while at dragoncon this weekend, i had an epiphany.  i can do the story of construction news as a graphic novel.  that hadn’t occurred to me before, and thinking about it, most of the scenes are very visual, with dialog.

but what really excited me was the idea of a new character who watches it all unfold and tells all the secrets along the way.

i’m going to write in a narrator – a bag lady.  a homeless lady, half crazy, who hangs out in the neighborhood and watches everything.

and i want to do this as a graphic novel.

there are several other projects in front of this, however, so it’ll take a couple of years.  but i might really enjoy doing sequential art and telling my stories this way.  so stay tuned.



i’m back February 18, 2007

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whee, my ex finally came over to fix my connection. turns out that the dns server address was invalid because of some security shenanigans by some provider (security in that they were busy plugging holes and evidently i was using one. good, i say. anarchy rules).

so i’ll start posting construction dailies tomorrow. i’ve been keeping track of everything that’s going on, but i haven’t been posting it, and now i’m several more months behind than i was. kind of like how far behind this project is.

thanks for reading.

Cats can compose music January 27, 2007

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very modern, impressionistic and expressionistic video of a kitten playing a keyboard.